Improved blood count with the mobisit

The blood count reflects a person’s health and tells us a lot about the health condition of a person. Blood counts according to Prof. Dr. Enderlein with the aid of dark field microscopy demonstrate the positive effects of treatment with the mobisit. They impressively show the effectiveness of the mobisit in supporting therapy.*

The following two photos demonstrate the differences

Before and after treatment with the mobisit.

(January 2016, Arno Leixner, alternative practitioner. Praxisgemeinschaft für Naturheilkunde in Landsberg am Lech)

Blutbild vor Mobisit Anwendung

without mobisit

Blutbild nach Mobisit Anwendung

with mobisit


After the treatment with the mobisit, the red blood cells can move freely, they no longer adhere to each other. As a result, oxygen and nutrients can be better transported. Muscles and organs are supplied better. According to Prof. Dr. Enderlein, a normal blood count contains clear blood plasma and uncontaminated red blood cells that do not adhere to one another. The mobisit improves circulation and ensures optimum metabolism.

You can find additional information regarding the interpretation of the blood count according to Prof. Enderlein here

These positive developments have also been confirmed innumerable extremely positive customer testimonies:

KERSTIN (physical therapist)

One of my patients, 72 years old, suffered from a multiple myeloma (stage 3, bone marrow CA) and was given 2 years of chemotherapy. During this period, the patient always had severe pain in her calves at night.

Her doctors gave her the terse statement “You’ll just have to live with it”. When she came to my physical therapy practice, I immediately recommended the mobisit to stimulate the metabolism. The patient gratefully took it home and used it 2x daily. In addition to the use of the mobisit, homeopathic liver and kidney drugs prescribed in order to remove the substances released by the stimulated metabolism. Success was seen after the first day of treatment.

The statement of the patient: “Thank you, mobisit. Thank you for the first pain-free night in 2 years!” She intends to keep using the mobisit regularly. A few months later, another blood count performed. The happy result: All blood values were within the normal range!

Bernd F. (physical therapist)

A 91 year old patient had open sores on her legs for more than a year.
Both legs were affected and an improvement was no longer expected. I gave the patient the mobisit to promote circulation.

Since that day, the patient has used the mobisit 3 times a day for 30 minutes at a low level. Amazingly, the ulceration on both legs noticeably improved after two months and was almost completely gone after three months. The mobilization due to the mobisit and the related optimization of the blood count were able to improve the healing of the patient many times over.

Gerlinde P. (57)

Due to my profession, I have to stand all day, which often leads to severe cramping in my leg muscles in the evening. Thanks to the use of the mobisit, my legs feel lighter in the evening and the painful cramps are practically a thing of the past. For me, the mobisit is the perfect solution after a long workday. I can even fall asleep more easily and start the day full of energy.

Centa M. (65)

After my hip surgery last year, the mobisit was a gentle exercise alternative for my broken hip. I was able to offset the sometimes painful exercises with a stationary bicycle with the mobisit. Due to the unusually fast healing process, I was able to leave rehab one week earlier than planned.

Sabine W. (34)

Since I was diagnosed with a lipedema, I tried innumerable devices that promised relief while in the office. Unfortunately, with no success. Since the mobisit has taken up residence under my desk, I use it as often as possible. As I sit at my desk for up to 8 hours a day, it is difficult to get enough exercise. The mobisit is an ideal tool to support my lymphatic and circulatory system while at work.

* This approach is used in alternative medicine and has not yet been scientifically recognized by conventional medicine or is considered unproven. The advertised effects are based on the reported experience of individual physicians and patients.